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Dependent upon the proper functioning of equipment, accessibility and procurement of supplies, and the productivity of employees, manufacturers face unique risk management and employee benefits challenges. These concerns present hard, financial expenses, as well as soft, often immeasurable costs from ancillary delays and shut-downs that hamper valuable plant capacity and production.   Additionally, product liability presents new layers of risk amongst today’s litigious consumer base.

Simultaneously, the health and contentment of the workforce is essential to ensuring both productive employees, as well as recruiting and retaining the right talent at the right costs. Aging workforces and seasonal or contingent workforces present their own risk and benefit challenges.  Proper workers’ compensation program management, including the reduction of lost time claims, is especially important in manufacturing environments.

Our Role

Through years of working with top manufacturers, RCM&D recognizes the nuances and details of creating viable insurance, risk management and employee benefits strategies.  From developing proper workers' compensation program management strategies, including the reduction of lost-time claims, to well-designed benefit programs, our Manufacturing Practice is dedicated to providing these organizations with comprehensive solutions designed and managed to meet their specific priorities and requirements.

Client Solutions

RCM&D Risk Consultants have a long history of working with Pepperidge Farm to provide occupational health and safety, and risk management and consulting services.

As a global brand with more than 30 plants located throughout the world, it’s essential for Campbell’s Soup to ensure the safety of its workers, while also constantly monitoring and reducing...


The topic of return on investment (ROI) of wellness programs creates impassioned points of view.

The term “defined contribution” is nothing new. Most of us recognize it as an approach employers utilize when funding a 401(k) or other similar other similar retirement plan.

News & Press

In the April 2014 issue of Leader's Edge Magazine, RCM&D's Jim Gaughan and Karen Randazzo were featured and shared their expertice regarding the......

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